Instant remote online technical support for your Apple Mac system

  • Give us a ring, and we'll get straight to work!

    With our expert team of Mac support technicians and their top-notch, industry-approved remote support tools, even online management will feel like having an expert right next to you. An array of diagnostic and computer repair software makes identifying the root cause of issues that much simpler for our engineers. Similarly, fixing the problem even while online becomes a cakewalk. Upon determining the underlying issue, our technicians will offer you a fixed-price labour cost. What’s more, if the issue is not fixable remotely, we will arrange to have your device picked up and worked on in one of our workshops. Then, we return your device at the agreed labour cost. It doesn’t get any simpler!

  • The Business Software Support we offer

    Is a bespoke business software or off-the-shelf software package giving you trouble? If so, count on us! We communicate directly with manufacturers, developers, and software houses, get their support teams on board, and find you a fix! Regardless of the issue you’re facing with your bespoke software tailor-made for your business, our first-class developers can have it sorted out in a jiffy!

  • Mac Maintenance done right

    Our top-of-the-line engineers ensure your Mac device performs as best as possible by optimising it and making sure all applications are up-to-date. What's more, they can do it all while online! Such regular maintenance also keeps your device free from viruses and spyware.

  • Setup or upgrade your Mac with us

    Did you just get a new Mac? Well, let us treat your device like the prized possession it is! Transferring existing files, adjusting personal settings, setting up system preferences — we do it all and more! Yes, we even help you with what might seem mundane such as bookmarks and saved passwords. Last but not least, our technicians ensure your Mac is up-to-date with the latest security software, so your data stays safe and secure!

  • Let us connect peripheral devices to your Mac

    We've all been there. Every time we need peripheral devices like printers, iPhones, smartphones, scanners, or cameras to work with Macs, they inevitably fail us. So think of the next time you're transferring music files from your Mac to your MP3 Player or pictures from your camera to your Mac, and errors pop up! We'll troubleshoot them all away — and we'll do it over the internet for your convenience!

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